Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The King is dead

...long live the king.

Early this morning, the player behind the King Chester Capalini passed from the TE throne of Heaven to his real life reward. Various in-world memorials are being made, anyone wanting more information should contact Queen Spunky Young of Phoenix Rising.

The Kingdom of Heaven is currently ranked 15 among the kingdoms in size, apparently having never risen higher than rank 11. For tomorrow, another act of respect is being planned by Queen Alamiga Anatine of Angels of the Empire and King Swankhaven Blitz of Swank. They will temporarily combine forces and send part of their kingdom to nobles in Heaven to boost it to that top ten mark.

If anyone would like to join this for a day, contact your own liege and make whatever arrangements are necessary. I'm sure that Queen Alamiga and King Swankhaven would be glad to help you find where to go in this.

Queen Alamiga will be sending about half of her kingdom to the Kingdom of Heaven. "[I] think it would be nice for Angels to be in Heaven for a day," she said, adding that she had never heard a bad word said about King Chester.

This isn't the first time a monarch has passed away in real life. King Luz Susenko did so as well. A lot of kingdoms had a "no touch" rule concerning the kingdom afterwards, and it has only slowly dropped in rank, becoming a minor kingdom relatively recently.

Taken the next day...

January 1st, 2009...


Vulpine Eldrich said...

[13:06] Alexandra Fallon: On behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven, I'd like to give a special thanks to the kingdoms of Angels of the Empire and Egypt for loaning us a few of their subject. They are helping to fulfill King Chester's dream of being one of the top monarchs. *smiles* (We're up to 11!! ) **wipes a tear**
[13:07] Mayli Nirpaw: awwwww!
[13:08] Kenny Stringer: this is Great
[13:08] Mayli Nirpaw: hope u make it
[13:08] Kenny Stringer: Wtg
[13:08] Tamara Whiteberry: Awww - that is so generous - good luck with it :)
[13:09] Vulpine Eldrich: Has Swank sent their group over?
[13:09] Alexandra Fallon: I do not believe so
[13:09] Alexandra Fallon: we don't have anyone here but those two kingdoms at the present
[13:09] Alamiga Anatine: kk BRB
[13:10] Vulpine Eldrich: Well that should, hopefully, push you over the edge :)
[13:10] Alexandra Fallon: we're goin up higher you guys!
[13:10] Alexandra Fallon: we really appreciate this :)
[13:10] Merytamun4973 Munro: swank is not online atm
[13:10] Alexandra Fallon: WOOT TY everyone *hugs for you guys*
[13:10] Liasha Halcali: *hugs everyone in heaven* We're happy to help :)
[13:11] Angeleyes Swindlehurst: As queen of Heaven, and Chester's partner... I am stunned. Chester is saying..."O..M..G.."
[13:11] Alexandra Fallon: Oh and probably has the biggest smile he ever had!
[13:11] Buckaroo Mu: eeek! Zombie!
[13:11] TRoy Chemistry: lol
[13:11] Liasha Halcali: *has a big smile too :)*
[13:17] Angeleyes Swindlehurst: Thanks to Egypt... You all are amazing!
[13:18] Liasha Halcali: Yaaaaay Egypt! :)
[13:18] Soo Novi: Congratulations Angeleyes. :) Gianfar Peaks was rooting for you!
[13:19] Alexandra Fallon: WOOHOO 9!! The love is amazing.
[13:19] Liasha Halcali: Yes Congrats Heaven top 10!!

Vulpine Eldrich said...

[13:51] Soo Novi: :) This rocks. Very kewl.
[13:51] Liasha Halcali: Thanks for helping Heaven for a day Mo :)
[13:52] Liasha Halcali: KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is number 1!
[13:52] Whisper Dallagio: w00t #1
[13:52] Alexandra Fallon: OMG TY EVERYONE!
[13:52] Liasha Halcali: Way to go guys! *bows head erespectfully*
[13:52] Kantishna Hallard: Tiny Empires has such a great bunch of people
[13:52] Kantishna Hallard: your all awsome
[13:52] Tamara Whiteberry: That is amazing!
[13:52] MoLoveMoFun Hammerer thanks you all, but wants to point that this is not about me but about Chester, may he rest in peace with a smile on his face