Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Review, 2009 Predictions

As we start a brand new year, it's only natural to wonder where it is going, and to look back to see where we've been. So, in the spirit of inquiry, I have set out to be a good enquirer and make some predictions about this next year, based on past history, plus a large dose of crystal ball gazing (wait, is that a crack? oh well, too late now...)

How many kingdoms will there be?

Dracheheim was kingdom number 24, and was created right at New Year's, 2008. Currently there are 128 kingdoms, for an increase of approximately one hundred. Therefore, I predict that 2009 will see one hundred new kingdoms, or approximately two per week.

How many empires will there be?

In 2007, there was one empire created. In 2008, it was named, but no new empires were created. This averages out to one empire every two years. Therefore, for this trend to continue, there will be one half of an empire created in 2009, and it will receive a name in 2010.

How big will the biggest kingdom be?

At the beginning of 2008, the largest kingdom was roughly 200,000 acres. At the end of 2008, the largest kingdom was roughly 500,000 acres. This is an increase of two and a half times. Therefore, I predict another two and a half times increase, thus making the largest kingdom two and a half million acres at the end of 2009. (Please note, these figures are very very approximate and are not based on direct inside information.)

How many 'alt' accounts will there be?

When things first began, new people flooded in by droves, and some started playing alts. As things have 'matured' through 2008, the use of alts has become more extensive. Anecdotal evidence from giving and receiving bribes suggests that there are about as many alts as there are actual players at the current time. Therefore, I predict that by the end of 2009, there will be an average of four to five alts per real player, and that a number of the hundred new kingdoms will have monarchs that are alts of other monarchs.

How many huds will there be?

In 2007, there were two huds released, and in 2008 there were no new huds released. This averages to one per year, so I predict one new hud in 2009. This new hud, like its predecessor, will change how one gains high rank, and will be used by the half emperor of the new half-empire that will be created.

How many new products will there be?

At the beginning of 2008, the only thing you could buy was the Tiny Empires HUD, in its two flavors. Now, we have two more products- a titler, for 149L, and a Tiny Empires Companion, which is subscription based. Therefore, I predict two new products in 2009. One will be relatively cheap, once up front payment, and more for fun than anything serious. The other will be a subscription based add-on that lets you find out almost anything about your target TE player, and it will be available for only 500L per month.

How easy will it be to transfer citizens?

At the beginning of 2008, Federation allies could transfer citizens, and lose approximately one third of them in the process. During 2008, a new option- embassies- was created, which allowed more citizens to be transferred at once and decreased the amount lost to one fourth. It costs roughly as much as five acres of land. Therefore, I predict another option in 2009 which will reduce loss to one-fifth, and which will cost as much as ten acres of land.

What is the future of riddles?

During the year of 2008, the riddles were changed roughly three times. At the end of that time, they consisted less of mathematical formulae, and more questions based on one's personal statistics. Also, some provided no immediate clue as to what they were asking. Another change is that the amount gotten for answering a riddle correctly was cut by about a factor of five. Therefore, I predict that in 2009, the riddles will change three times. In the last set of riddles, one of them will be 'what is your gender?' and answering correctly will yield you the grand total of one gold piece.

What is the future of disasters?

Disasters came with the federation HUD in 2007. There were three types of disasters. During 2008, a new research option opened up the possibility of handling one type of disaster automatically. Therefore, in 2009, I predict that another disaster will be taken care of automatically. For those pessimists who say that I've not taken all of the facts into account, I'll also add that there will be three new types of disasters.

What about limits?

In 2008, limits were put into place on how many personal acres someone can have, and how much gold someone can have. As this habit of setting limits will continue, the end of 2009 should see a limit on how many hours per day a person can play TE, thus helping to ensure the sanity and health of the players...

What about special titles?

During 2008, the use of special titles rose dramatically, and a rule that let special titles 'fade away' when someone left a kingdom was enacted. Therefore, I predict that by the end of 2009, every player older than a month will either be inactive, have a custom title, or be clinging to their generic rank description because it marks them as different and special.

What about monarch responsibilities?

At the beginning of 2008, a monarch was forced, by peer pressure, to stay online as much as possible and keep tax rates low. This burden was eased by new rules which let a monarch ONLY provide a tax amnesty once every twenty four hours. At the end of 2008, a new position, that of Viceroy, was created. This let Princes and Princesses under the monarch assume royal duties such as giving out titles and purchasing tracts of land. The emperor has dropped hints that this is not his final word about viceregal powers. I predict that as this freeing of monarch duties continue, monarchs will begin to consider abdication out of boredom, since there will be nothing left to do but go fishing in the royal moat.

What is the surest prediction?

In 2007, there were people playing and enjoying Tiny Empires. During 2008, people played and enjoyed Tiny Empires. Therefore, during 2009, I predict that people will play and enjoy Tiny Empires.

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