Sunday, September 30, 2007

En garde!

Count Rifkin Habsburg in the Tiramisu-line released a strategic fencing game today in the Malrif-sim. Many Tiny Empire’s-players entered the opening tournament. In the very close and exciting final our very own Knight Case Cagney was defeated by Lobo Rodiquez.

Many of the players had dressed up accordingly to the medieval time period.

We had lots of fun. If you would like to try its free to play in the Malrif sim , dress up and have fun!

Wondering what I am talking about? Look no further

Erzsabet's Tiny Empire Calculator

Here's a nice web page devoted to those hard to answer questions.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Camelot Comes Forth

All Hail Queen FoxyKim Keegan! A second Kingdom has been established in Tiny Empires, by the most deserving FoxyKim. Her subjects were heard celebrating her coronation, and others throughout Tiny Empires congratulated her. The bells in the Kingdom of Wessex were rung by decree in her honor.

The name of Camelot lives again! The Queen and her consort Sabrewolf were captured for posterity at the coronation.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Kingdom of Wessex is Here

Last night Celty Westwick's coronation as King happened. The new and first Kingdom was christened Wessex, and this is now reflected in the titles of all the kingdom's citizens, such as "Princess Heartun Breaker of Wessex". It took a great amount of effort and loyalty by all the citizen's to reach this goal.

There are well over a thousand citizens, and each deserves a heartfelt thanks. The policy of the new kingdom shall be to help all citizens prosper, and grow toward their own desires. Wessex will strive to be the birthplace of new Kingdoms, as eminent nobles are able to increase their lineages with the advantages they will enjoy.

The first decree in Wessex was to announce a tax break for all citizens of the kingdom, and joy was heard throughout the realm as the first December tax bills arrived substantially reduced! Look for other additional good things to occur in Wessex in the future.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Celesta's TE Wide Party Rocked!

The party celebrating Celesta's making 1,000 acres of personal land, which had two times to help all who wished attend, was both fun and helped raise over 30,000 Lindens for the new TE server. The turnout was great, and many people got the chance to meet each other in pixel for the first time. There was dancing, DJ'd by the lovely and talented Tristan Micheline.

The Dunk Tank proved to be a big success, requiring the late party to go much later to give all who wanted a shot at dunking a noble, as well as winning some great prizes. Said dunking in the early time slot also included a turn on the tank by our illustrious Emperor, Ultralite Soleil. There was a Temple of Truth or Dare for the mature fun and venturesome folk. The scavenger hunt was located at the vast castle of Celesta and Goedeke Messmer. A total of 45 Linden and prize objects were hidden and in the end all were found.

The Princess Bootskie Broome arrived in the most original fashion thanks to SL's many little surprises, upside down and spinning in front of the Dunk Tank - where Prince SoCalDave BirdBrain was taking a brisk bath courtesy of a chortling ball thrower.

It was great to see folks come together to play and support Tiny Empires, so who's gonna have the next big bash?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Come to the Party!

Yes a big bash is happening this Saturday for everyone in Tiny Empires! Here's the skivvy from Celesta Messmer, for the original invite with landmarks please go to the Tiny Empires Group, and retrieve it (Tiny Empires Party Invite) from under the Notices tab by clicking the open attachment button. You won't want to miss it:

Come one, come all to a Tiny Empires Party and Fund-raising event.

In celebration of my reaching 1000 personal land (self-sufficient Princess), we’re throwing a charity event for the Emperor’s servers. Come join us on Saturday, the 15th of September from 11 AM to 1 PM (SL time) or 10 PM to 12 AM (SL time) (or both if you love parties) at the TE Party Land for the main party graciously donated for the cause by RedDawn Bade, or at Castle Skygaard to go directly to the scavenger hunt and boardgames.

We’ll have various contests with prizes to keep things fun. Bring yourself, your Tiny Empires HUD, your medieval garb, and your generous donations for Ultralite (to improve server stability).

In order to accommodate the largest number of us with a minimum of lag, we kindly request that you wear no scripted items other than your Tiny Empire HUD, and wear low prim clothing.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer time, items, or otherwise, please IM me.

Sincerely, Celesta Messmer

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Well good morning people

At last I can blog on the blog, just thought I'd leave one for the hell of it, oh yeah I also made Prince yay me, and dont forget the TE play area in dongjak is avaliable to all! come check it out :-0

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tiny Empires Gets a Meeting and Play Place

We had an appreciation party, which packed the sim all afternoon Saturday. People liked the surroundings and toys we put there for them, so we have decided to make it available ongoing to all Tiny Empires players. You will find a new Cup and Spittle, a full featured archery range, an AV catapult game, a maze, and a dance floor among other things. We will continue to enhance it over time.

Check it out and enjoy. One rule only, no drama, this is for fun and enjoyment, plan your Tiny Empires moves, discuss strategies, to your heart's content, but keep it fun and not personal. Oh yes, thanks to SweetTasting Lollipop, free Tiny Empires T-shirts are there!

or search Tiny Empires in-world

Update: SweetTasting sent me these from the party and thought she did such a fantastic job, that they needed to be posted :)