Monday, December 8, 2008

Interview with Buckaroo Mu

Vulpine Eldrich: Hello everyone! I'm here this evening with Prince Buckaroo Mu, who not only is King of nothing, but is the former King of Nothing. If that sounds confusing, perhaps he can help straighten us out. Buckaroo?

Buckaroo Mu: I certainly hope so! It's a long, difficult, confusing story, but I think we can get it all sorted.

Buckaroo Mu: A bit of history. I'd been with the Kingdom of Gianfar since before it was formed, technically - I started playing in early January 2008, in the Kingdom of Ayodhya, recruited by a friend of mine. My very first recruit was Soo Novi, a friend through the Dragons of Pern RP group. At the time, the DoP was going through a transition. The person who created and organized it was leaving SL and had given the group over to Soo. She was in the process of building the Gianfar Peaks sims, a 6-sim RP community based on the Dragonriders of Pern books to house the RP. With her help, my line blossomed more than I could possibly anticipate.

Buckaroo Mu: By the time I reached Prince, Soo became interested in having a Gianfar Kingdom - both to help get out the word about the RP, and to help build camaraderie within the RP group (among those who played TE, at least). She spoke to her good friend BigBadaBoom Bing, who was also part of the RP, had been playing TE longer than us both, and was prepared to ascend. He agreed to use the name Gianfar, with Soo's permission, and ascend, giving us the Kingdom we were interested in. We entered the lists at #16 on February 5th. A short six months and one day later, we became the largest Kingdom in the Empire.

Buckaroo Mu: We attributed this leap to the dedication we all put into the Kingdom. Everyone in the Kingdom was intent on helping out new players, and King Big (as we called him) was extraordinarily generous - we led the Empire in the number of Special Titles even before we became #1, he never missed an opportunity for tax amnesty, and we had a place to gather (in the Gianfar sims) for weekly parties, Trader appearances, and other gatherings. We kept alliances with any Kingdom that ascended from us, and some sister Kingdoms - meaning we all agreed not to bribe from each other. We had a strict no-sabotage policy, and banned recruiting from within the Kingdom. We had a HUD fund to help pay for full HUDs for new players.

Buckaroo Mu: I soon become the largest Prince in TE history, with over 350,000 total acres at my peak - at the time, over half of Gianfar's total. I (and many others) petitioned the Emperor for additional powers for high-level non-monarch players, to make operating a Kingdom of this size easier. I didn't know it at the time, but he had recently begun work to implement this via the Viceroyalty.

Buckaroo Mu: Unfortunately, we soon became just too big. We had a large number of people join us simply because we were the largest Kingdom. The group chat lost much of its friendly attitude. Some players began recruiting lines from within the Kingdom, and those that lost acres or rank took their frustrations out in chat. After one such incident, I spoke to the King, urgently requesting that we have more discipline within the Kingdom. By that time, Prison and Banishment had become options. He agreed to use these powers, despite the "negative publicity" it might put on the Kingdom. However, when it came down to it, the harshest penalty ever used was expulsion from the Chat Group.

Buckaroo Mu: Soo and I both spoke to the King several times about Abdication, which had also become an option. Soo still owned the rights to the name "Gianfar", and was rapidly becoming concerned by the negative image being associated with her business name through TE. At several points, King Bing agreed that his abdication, and passing the Kingdom to one of us, would be the best thing to do - but he never arranged it, and changed his mind every time.

Buckaroo Mu: We started losing lines in droves. The drama became thicker than the friendship. One day, I received word that two large lines under me were planning to leave the Kingdom. These were my friends, and they were running away. I convinced them both to stay with me, on the condition that I ascend to remove us from the Gianfar Kingdom. I saw it as the only option to keep us together, so I did it, on November 13th.

Vulpine Eldrich: So you ascended, and chose 'Nothing' for a kingdom name. That sounds like Ulysses telling the Cyclops his name was 'nobody'. Why... 'nothing'?

Buckaroo Mu: There are several reasons for the name "Nothing." First, my last name, Mu, is the Chinese ideogram for "No-Thing". Second, I thought it defined well the object of our Kingdom - no drama, no concern for numbers, no fighting to rise above other Kingdoms. We did not seek fame and fortune. We only wanted to play the game. And lastly, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for all those puns. Besides, when it comes down to it, all TE Monarchs are Kings or Queens of nothing - it's a game, it means nothing in RL.

Vulpine Eldrich: And yet, for something that means nothing, a lot of time and trouble is spent. But now the Kingdom is gone. Why?

Buckaroo Mu: Well, it was probably not destined to last. Being in a different Kingdom, without the name Gianfar, Soo Novi became worried about her copyright on the name of Gianfar. While King Bing was using it with her permission, she was concerned that she could be seen as not defending her copyright. She spoke with the Emperor, and with King Bing, at length about these issues, and about revoking King Bing's license to use the name. Again, at several points, the King agreed to abdicate to her, or change the name of his Kingdom - and then subsequently refused.

Buckaroo Mu: After several weeks of fruitless negotiation, she asked the Emperor if she could ascend using the Kingdom name "Gianfar Peaks", which would provide due diligence for her copyright. She and I spoke at length, and I agreed to support her as she had supported me for nearly a year. I agreed to abdicate and move under her once she ascended - and she agreed to take the core principals of Nothing with her. She'd been my most dedicated subject and a very good friend, I had to support her. On a personal note, I'd like to thank all of my subjects for trusting me, because they all suffered patiently through the abdication and came to Gianfar Peaks with me (despite a flood of recruitment offers from other Kingdoms).

Vulpine Eldrich: And now Soo is your liege. So how has all of this played out within the Gianfar sims themselves, with people - I assume- in two TE kingdoms instead of mostly one?

Buckaroo Mu: There are three types of reaction to all of this. The largest contingent stayed happily in whichever Kingdom they preferred - a lot of swapping back and forth happened in the times around both ascensions.

Buckaroo Mu: A smaller number said nothing - and just followed their liege. Possibly alts, possibly those who aren't playing anymore - or just those without strong opinion.

Buckaroo Mu: Regretfully, there are some people within the original Gianfar Kingdom who continued to stir up problems - starting rumors about Gianfar Peaks, and making personal attacks on Soo and many of her subjects. Soo continued to discuss the problem with BigBadaBoom Bing, who continued to ignore it. Thankfully, the discussions have finally born fruit before the lawyers had to be called into action. King Bing has finally agreed to stop using the name, and has requested that the Emperor change the name of his Kingdom from "Gianfar" to "Paradise", and has created a group for the Kingdom's players and started moving them into it. I am very happy that this situation was able to be resolved without the use of the courts, and regret that it had to come so close to that.

Vulpine Eldrich: So where does the name 'Gianfar' come from?

Buckaroo Mu: Gianfar is one of the names of the last star in the Draco constellation, the tip of the tail. Soo found it while looking for good Sim names for the Dragons of Pern RP group, and loved it. She searched most thoroughly to make sure no-one else was using it, RL or SL, and chose it for her business name as well - clothing, boots, and such. It has become the base name for the Gianfar Peaks estate, and the website where our RP meets.

Vulpine Eldrich: So it hasn't been used anywhere but here, at least as in regards to anything relating to Pern.

Buckaroo Mu: Correct. Or, that is, not that we know of.

Vulpine Eldrich: So as you look back, do you ever find yourself thinking "if he did this " or "if she hadn't done that", it could have all been avoided?

Buckaroo Mu: Very much so. I must first say that I have nothing but respect for BigBadaBoom Bing and the Kingdom he helped to build - yet, the lack of discipline, and the fact that it became more about being #1 than being family - these are the real points where things started to fall apart.

Vulpine Eldrich: So what would you do if you had the number one kingdom?

Buckaroo Mu: Hahah - I could never see it happening. When you get that large, too many people come to the Kingdom just to be close to the top - and those are the trouble-makers. If I suddenly were King of the largest kingdom, I would encourage ascensions :D

Vulpine Eldrich: lol, well how many ascensions were there from Gianfar- that you know of, I suppose I should add.

Buckaroo Mu: Big could tell you off the top of his head - he seems to keep records of everything. I would say, if you include ascensions from daughter-kingdoms, it would be on the order of 7.

Vulpine Eldrich: How big was it at its peak, in acreage?

Buckaroo Mu: Such numbers were apparently state secrets. However, I can tell you that when I left, I held over half of Gianfar's total acres, at 350,000. My guess would be on the order of 600,000, at its peak. I can tell you that it was larger than any of us ever anticipated.

Vulpine Eldrich: And now Gianfar (aka Paradise) is #2 and Gianfar Peaks is #13. Do you see either of those ranks changing significantly soon?

Buckaroo Mu: Well, I can't say - nothing in TE is fixed. I can tell you, however, that Gianfar Peaks is not interested in Rank. Our focus is playing the game because we enjoy it, not because we want to "win".

Vulpine Eldrich: How would you define "win"?

Buckaroo Mu: I don't, really. In TE, there is no "win". Unfortunately, some people in TE do have a definition for it - being #1. Being on top of the Empire. Those are, in general, the people who caused much of the problems with Gianfar - by poaching lines from other lieges, even within the Kingdom. I have been at the top. I was the largest prince in TE history, in the largest Kingdom in TE history. If that's winning, I want nothing to do with it.

Vulpine Eldrich: So have you left all of the troublemakers behind, now that you're in Gianfar Peaks?

Buckaroo Mu: I can't possibly believe that we've left all the troublemakers behind. I hope that we have. If someone does cause trouble within Gianfar Peaks, they'll be dealt with - first, by trying to work with them to find out what the issue is. Many of the problems we had in Gianfar were players who were never contacted by a new liege, or whose liege would move lines out from under them without consultation. We're trying to foster communication, and make sure that any move is coordinated ahead of time and with the consent of all involved.

Buckaroo Mu: However, if we find a situation that refuses to be dealt with diplomatically, we will exercise the option of banishment - something that King Bing was loathe to do, because "other kingdoms might use it against us"

Vulpine Eldrich: So if you had the whole thing to do over again, what sort of thing(s) would you have done differently?

Buckaroo Mu: The way I ascended was, I openly admit, horribly under-planned. I felt rushed, and was only able to give any notice to a handful of my downline, and that only a few minutes. Much of my downline was furious - their loyalty was to the King, rather than to their direct liege - and nearly half my line returned to Gianfar within an hour of my ascension. If I could do it again, I would have assured those who wanted to leave that I was ascending soon, but would have given the rest of the Kingdom a little warning.

Buckaroo Mu: Part of me wonders if they would have left if they had realized that, at my ascension, I was larger than what remained of Gianfar. No-one knew this because I didn't show up on the map until the Emperor approved my Kingdom name, and by that time, I had sunk to 19th place. Another, larger, part of me doesn't care - because the people who cared about rank aren't the people I wanted in my Kingdom. And they aren't the kind of people we want in Gianfar Peaks, either.

Vulpine Eldrich: Has there been anything good to come out of this? It seems like so much trouble.

Buckaroo Mu: Yes, there have been good things and bad things.

Buckaroo Mu: Best part: Getting to a place that feels like home. This feels like TE used to, before Gianfar became the #1 Kingdom. Everyone's happy and friendly, and working to help each other.

Buckaroo Mu: Worst part: Losing friends. Seeing people spit out vile lies, rumors, and accusations about what was behind this all. And most of all, seeing some of the same people who caused all of the mistrust and drama gloat about all of those accusations, and prod them further along when things started to quiet down.

Buckaroo Mu: Other best part: Seeing some people recognize what those people are doing, and call them on it. And then there were the puns....

Buckaroo Mu: I tried to come up with a new pun for each tax amnesty (30% of Nothing = Nothing), title/acre giveaway (/me gives Prince Whoever 5 acres of Nothing, because 5 acres of Nothing is better than Nothing), etc. My one regret is that no-one ever followed up an acre giveaway with "Thanks for Nothing!"

Vulpine Eldrich: What would you say if someone else decided to use 'Nothing' for a kingdom name?

Buckaroo Mu: I certainly wouldn't object. I think more people need to see this game as... well, a game, and have fun with it. I would heartily endorse a new King of Nothing (or Queen), but they wouldn't be getting me as a subject.

Buckaroo Mu: They'd probably get tired of me suggesting puns for them, though :P

Vulpine Eldrich: hmmmm perhaps I should tell my PunSlingers group.... no, that would be too much of a good thing.

Buckaroo Mu: Hahahah

Vulpine Eldrich: So it would seem a lot of problems were caused by just too many people and not enough management. How does the new viceroyalty position affect that equation?

Buckaroo Mu: The Viceroyalty is the first step of a long-needed change. The Emperor himself said he never envisioned such "mega-kingdoms", so never envisioned the need for a non-monarch with near-monarch powers. The Viceroyalty is a step in the right direction, and I think he's said he may add further powers to the position in the future. It's going to become necessary. Right now, too many people are at the point where they have no reason to put the hud on other than to pass land down, or ascend. The Viceroyalty gives them further options.

Buckaroo Mu: Just since the Viceroyalty was announced, within hours there were a great number of them given out - which tells you how many people were capped, and ready to ascend, but not wanting to leave the kingdom they were in. That's where I was for a long, long time.

Vulpine Eldrich: So you think it will slow the number of ascensions?

Buckaroo Mu: Definitely. Those people who've capped, who've taken the Path to Royalty but not the Ascension, now have an option to stay with the Kingdom they love (if they so choose), and be of more use to the Kingdom, without risking friendships over ascension

Vulpine Eldrich: I'm told there are 122 kingdoms in the empire now. Have you ever wondered if that's too many?

Buckaroo Mu: Well, a number of those are "inactive" Kingdoms - monarchs who quit playing before abdication was an option, and encouraged their subjects to move to other Kingdoms. At the same time, I'm sure the Emperor never anticipated such growth. The popularity of the game doesn't seem to be waning, though, and with new people joining SL all the time, I don't see it ever "ending". I personally would like to see other options - separate empires, a rank above King.

Vulpine Eldrich: Another Emperor?

Buckaroo Mu: Multiple Emperors. Remove Ultralite from the game, or make him a recognized omnipotent force (rather than just "The Emperor"). I could see a couple of options - don't allow interaction between Empires, which would be like having separate instances of the game itself; or do allow, and just have the higher position as a reward for the best players.

Vulpine Eldrich: Are we talking ascension from Emperor to Diety?

Buckaroo Mu: Yes, make Ultralite Diety rather than sole Emperor.

Vulpine Eldrich ponders what an Ultralite diety would be like, then decides to just ask the next question....

Vulpine Eldrich: So are there any other ideas you have for making things more interesting for TE players?

Buckaroo Mu: I had an idea that the Emperor has ruled right out, but I still like it - War. Right now, there is only one way to lose acres - sabotage. I'd love to see a way for players who've gotten "too big" to be brought down, give them further options for play. Don't ask me how I'd implement it, though. It's just a thought.

Vulpine Eldrich: Still, an interesting idea. So now that you've been through all of this history, is there anything left for you to do in Tiny Empires? Is there any reason to not just sit back and say "I've done it all, have fun everyone"?

Buckaroo Mu: My plans are to stay with Gianfar Peaks until I can't stand to wear the HUD anymore - i.e., for a very long time. Soo would like to reward me for my past leadership with a Viceroy position, and I intend to accept as soon as I am eligible. I am happy to say that, due to the timing of the introduction of Viceroyalty, and the circumstances surrounding my ascension and abdication, the Emperor has granted me the boon of shortening my "Abdication Penalty" from six months to one - meaning I can start the Path to Royalty again at the end of December rather than May, and get the Viceroy position that much faster. I believe he did this because he agreed with me that this kind of position could have prevented, or at least mitigated to some degree, the kind of problem that caused the fracture within Gianfar to begin with. The whole point of TE is to meet people and make friends. The Emperor has said that TE is all about socializing. That's what I intend to use it for.

Vulpine Eldrich: That sounds like a perfect plan to me! So when do I get to chat with your Queen and find out her history firsthand? :)

Buckaroo Mu: I'm sure she'd welcome it, but please! Wait a few weeks. The Gianfar Peaks sims are undergoing renovation starting next weekend, due to the Open Spaces changes. We're going from 2 full/4 open to 3 full/1 open, and that means a LOT of rebuilding. She's swamped with it.

Vulpine Eldrich: Well it sounds like you all have your hands full with everything. Best of luck with it, and thank you for telling me your story! Did I miss anything interesting in it?

Buckaroo Mu: No, I think that about covers all the important parts. I hope it helps people understand what happened, and why.

Vulpine Eldrich: I'm sure it'll be at least a good start.


Zeta Sidran said...

mmm...for some one so distant from ranks and competition it seems you like a lot to be not only a prince of Tiny Empires but also a viceroy.
Even if to get there you need a special favor from the referee.
Strange concept of friendship , worst of sportsmanship.
Isn't it Prince Buckaroo?

Buckaroo Mu said...

As you should know, Grand Vicereine Sidran, the reason I seek a Viceroyalty is to help my line. If I was that concerned about rank, I wouldn't have left the (at the time) #1 Kingdom, would I? I could have just sat there until Soo filed her DMCA and forced Big into abdicating or renaming the Kingdom, regardless of your pressure to keep him from doing so.

How many people have you kicked out of your - I'm sorry, King Big's Kingdom chat for daring to disagree with you?

If you want to question the Emperor's judgment, do so to him. I would be just as happy sitting at the deep dark bottom of a long line, with only myself and my two alts below me.

Zeta Sidran said...

Contradictions one after another my dear Prince.
But no surprise for me.

Why do you help your line to gain something you dont care?
If its so dispensable why bother?
Or...why buy acres anyhow, that can only give you or your line that thing you despise called... rank ?
In fact it is a mistery why do you play Tiny Empires. Or the way you play it.

And yet another:

Quote: "I spoke to the King, urgently requesting that we have more discipline within the Kingdom. By that time, Prison and Banishment had become options. He agreed to use these powers, despite the "negative publicity" it might put on the Kingdom. However, when it came down to it, the harshest penalty ever used was expulsion from the Chat Group."

You wanted to bann 2/3 of your own kingdom as troublemakers, including the King - abdicating -, because..."the harshest penalty ever used was expulsion from the Chat Group."

I "kicked out" of the chat 2 players from diferent kindoms clearly looking for confrontation with the moderation, and you find it ... terrible!

See the diference?
Or must i need to make a drawing?

Than you miss your shot again - what is usual - when you say i pressured the king to keep the name of the kingdom

The result of the confrontation started by your desertion,seems to me excelente and another clear evidence of our superiority as Group in the game.

You keep on your team the label you value so much.
We keep on our team the thing we think is realy important - good players , people.

A good defenition for that label now is ... Nothing.

The Emperor.

Ultralite is the owner and judge of the game.
He is free to act anyway he pleases in the best interest of the game.
The Emperor is not a player.

You are.
And you still don't understand that is you i'm questioning, your idea of sportsmanship, when you accept favors to grow faster than your team mates.
No one force you to accept, but you gladly accept it.

Its easy to say you will feel happy at the bottom of the line when you actualy are ... on Top.

To make it believable you need to stay there... at the bottom, and say the same.

Soo Novi can legaly own a "word", and no one question that.
Definitely can not own free people, quality Tiny Empires players.

That is the reason why the troublemakers as you call them, the team i'm honored to be part, is - happy - at the top of Tiny Empires Standing page, and your team is - happy i hope - way down.

Tiny Empires Standings web page, ranking kingdoms - not individuals - it's always present. Either you like it or not. You may choose to ignore it, but that doesn't make it disappear.
Only show to other competitors in the game ( game! remember?) that you and/or your group / team / kingdom is not good enough.

Soo said...

Zeta, We're not going to start comparing contradictory statements here, are we? You don't really want to do that, do you? This is Buck's perspective. One that many agree with, and obviously some don't. But I really don't think you want to start comparing contradictory statements here. What it boils down to is some of us prefer to play with integrity and others who feel the same; and some of us would rather - how did you put it? "Integrity is playing for moral victories. Without the standings page why bother?" I believe that was it. You remember, it was right after you told me, unsolicited, that I had your support for ascension.

You play in your corner and we'll play in ours and we'll all be happier, and I think that was Buck's point.

Zeta Sidran said...

Woa! reeinforcements arriving to the debate.
Now i'm begining to like it.

Of course i want to compare contraditory statements here.
You must know by now that i'm quite imune to threats.
It seems that is you who have some difficulty finding them.

But now,like the abbot, all the audience - and me too - is expectantly waiting for such amazing revelations.

I know that this interview is Buck's perspective.
Monsieur de La Palisse couldn't say it better.
But i would refrase your conclusion the other way arround:

One that SOME agree with, and obviously MANY don't

This is the acurate version.

Like this one, refering to the extinct Kingdom of Gianfar grup:
"[3:56] Soo Novi: Zeta. This is the TE Gianfar kingdom. The other is the Gianfar Peaks of TE kingdom. Suggesting that this group came first is simply wrong"

Yes, IF we look the calendar upside down.

Or the one you refer on your comment, tweaked to feat your interests:
"[2008/11/21 10:55] Zeta Sidran: integrity ...sure. always. but to forget the standings page is to play for ... moral victories :)) Very nice when we can't reach the top. its a question of always. :)) "

This is the full version you forgot.

So, you see.
Integrity is a tricky concept, so wide that can be sometimes confused with its oposite - Hypocrisy.

I prefer intelectual honesty.

The main problem, origin of this debate and past weeks events, is that you, or Buck don't understand the concept of Tiny Empires as a strategy GAME.
Yes - GAME - not a Sunday afternoon Tea & Toasts Auntie's RL convo, where PR / social interaction is omnipresent. Raised by the VR environment where it is played, but this factor is just one of the many to be managed to reach goals in this game.

And the only material mesure of sucess on that GAME called Tiny Empires is the Standings Page.
where Groups / Kingdoms are evaluated by their performance in acres.
Individual ambitions only have a meaning if worked together on a collective effort.
With each team playing on its corner but competing in the same Tiny Empires board

The result, as on any strategy game, is again:
A question of Team effort and individual skill.
Some have it, some don't.

But in the end i prefer you don't agree with my point of view.
It will be easier to beat you ... on a game called Tiny Empires.
it's only of that we are talking about.

Best of lucks in the game from
Zeta Sidran

Soo said...

Thank you for making our argument for us, and for providing an example of what we left to get away from. Most of us feel sadness at having left friends who we do respect and admire behind, and we hope for a day when we can reconnect with those people in the friendships that were.

But as you have so willingly shown, it's not possible until those that gloat and enjoy the drama are no longer a factor. Pity that some have so little personal power that they can only find the illusion of power in creating chaos. Thankfully, because this is a game, we can also opt out.

This is me, opting out.

Zeta Sidran said...

... like the all the chaos and drama you two created with your move,by your own iniciative, when confronted with the reality of your ilusion of power as leaders of the group.
And if personal relations are broken is ...again...because you can't understand Tiny Empires is a Game.
And as any spoiled child or bad looser point the finger to the competitor and say its all their fault.
Don't fool yourself.
The group is still there alive and kicking
With a much better spirit than it was before.
And as all the tension desapeared in the group, i guess it must be something related with your way out.


Syane Jewell said...


Soo Novi wrote: But as you have so willingly shown, it's not possible until those that gloat and enjoy the drama are no longer a factor.


It seems to me that the only on going drama is coming from Buckeroo, your cronies, and you. You have everything you want now, so why is it you continue the drama and bad mouthing a certain individual. This interview was only half the story.. However, I'd assume the whole subject was concluded with the name change. Your no longer affiliated in anyway with those you despise and detest. So what seems to be the ongoing issue now? :) Only purported drama I see still coming is from your pals and you.

~*~ Syane ~*~

Buckaroo Mu said...

Thank you, Grand Vicereine Sidran. The interviewer had some trouble understanding how some people look to "WIN" Tiny Empires. I'm delighted you've provided such a splendid example.

Or...why buy acres anyhow, that can only give you or your line that thing you despise called... rank ?
Actually, Zeta, if you read carefully, you'll notice I said that we are not interested in Rank. That means while we don't lust for it the way you do, we also don't "despise" it.

You wanted to bann 2/3 of your own kingdom
Actually, no. I wanted to remove about 4 people from the Kingdom. Even if those four had taken all of their downlines with them, it would have been less than 1/3 the Kingdom.

I "kicked out" of the chat 2 players from diferent kindoms clearly looking for confrontation with the moderation, and you find it ... terrible!
You kicked out at least one person for informing the "wrong group" of a trader - because not everyone had switched groups yet. Yes, that's clearly looking for confrontation.

That is the reason why the troublemakers as you call them, the team i'm honored to be part, is - happy - at the top of Tiny Empires Standing page, and your team is - happy i hope - way down.

I don't know if you've looked recently, Grand Vicereine, but you're not back on top yet. And I believe I made it clear from my interview that I'm very uninterested in getting back there myself.

I prefer intelectual honesty.

Then please, for the love of God, get a spell-checker.

And as all the tension desapeared in the group, i guess it must be something related with your way out.
I suppose when there is no-one there to question your rule or tactics, there would be less tension.

I also hope you realize that every drop of vitriol you spill in these comments just makes it clearer to those who read this exactly what kind of player, what kind of leader, indeed what kind of person you are.

ps - Syane Jewell/Aura Milev, Gianfar would have been a better place if you had stayed in your own Kingdom instead of trying to take over another.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this .. They cried about the Gianfar name.. Big gave it to her.. I don't even know this Soo person but SERIOUSLY geezus get a friggen life and go away.. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Lord yes, it blows my mind how many cry babys are playing and get so serious about a game IN a GAME. I agree with the above comment... get a LIFE.

Syane Jewell said...

ps - Syane Jewell/Aura Milev, Gianfar would have been a better place if you had stayed in your own Kingdom instead of trying to take over another.


To bad I never wanted to be Queen and I've stated that from the day I ascended on January 28th of 2008. Long before you ever met me or I knew of you..

I don't even know why I engaged in this drama fest. It does baffle me why there is so much untruth and hostility between people.

But this will be my last post and I'm going to choose to take the high road. I'll let you take the low one and keep on talking crap as you already have.. All I have to say is .. CONSIDER THE SOURCES!

Valentine Janus said...

Thank you, Vulpine, for running a very informative interview.


Zeta Sidran said...

Well Prince Buckaroo

The day you accept to make this debate on my native language, i will ask you my escuse for bad spelling.
Until than take some lessons, and not only on foreign languages.

Unless you also see things upside down - contagious that bug - the fact is that Tiny Empires Paradise Kingdom is in fact on top of the ranking - 2th place - silver medal at this moment.
With hundreds and hundres of more players than yours.
Despite all your useless tactics and bad mouthing, still going on, to break it apart.

The rest of your last post is the usual collection of escuses you need to give to yourself and your supporters - once at 58th of the chart :) - to justify your debacle and of the kingdoms you've been jumping .

No real need to repeat myself.

Jamins Urqhart said...

I moved to Buckaroo on the original ascension,and will stick with him. He has my support, and does not need to make any excuses to me. I just felt personally that the original Gianfar was getting too large and was attracted too many undesirable egomanics. I still have friends in Paradise, and wish them all the best and good success. Good luck to everyone

Anonymous said...

quote "Soo and I both spoke to the King several times about Abdication, which had also become an option."

and taking his place at the top of the largest kingdom in TE ,and not beeing concerned about ranks and standings, nice try.

Buckaroo Mu said...

Trying not to comment further on this, and I hate to respond to anonymous posters... but have to clear this up. When I said "Soo and I both spoke to the King several times about Abdication", I was not implying that I wanted him to abdicate to ME. I didn't want Soo's intellectual property, refused it when I ascended myself knowing that this would probably force her to ascend herself and despite her urging.

Big had spoken to me about abdicating, to me, for a few weeks when it became an option. Then he stopped talking to me. I told him - and he can verify this - that I would accept it if he offered it, but someone else would be a better choice.

Troo Pfalz said...

In the beginning, we gathered in Gianfar for the announcement of a new kingdom. It was exhilarating and a little intimidating but we were small and everyone was unified in our plans for the formation of a kingdom under a great king. We cheered the announcement and celebrated our successes. Everyone knew that Big had honored Soo in naming the kingdom Gianfar and we were all happy for him and for her and for ourselves.

I was proud to be Gianfarian. I loved being the king's Royal Kisser and exercised my royal pixel duties within the kingdom. It was my honor and privilege by royal decree. :) I have friends in many kingdoms who often told me that they could never bribe anyone from Gianfar. It was because we were happy in Gianfar and I told them so. It was, for me, the ideal kingdom where all types of people were welcome to join us and free to express themselves. Those who were not happy generally left and we wished them well in their search for a kingdom where they could feel comfortable.

At some point, Gianfar became something else and a kingdom that was not so happy anymore. People disagreed all the time (even from the beginning) but those disagreements could be handled maturely initially and it wasn't happening anymore. There was never a satisfactory resolution to any of the major issues in the kingdom. The kingdom was overrun with those who were prouder to be #1 than to be united. It was a long and slow and painful process of disintegration.

We can analyze it and point fingers and blame one another from now till TE end of days but the simple truth is that in all organizations the responsibility ultimately is the leader's to maintain the integrity of that organization. The larger an organization becomes, the harder that task may be. Regardless of what we may say here and what we think, it is a monarch in TE who determines what his or her kingdom becomes. I was loyal to my king but when the kingdom reached critical mass, natural expansion was inevitable and the forces within Gianfar, no matter how strong, could no longer sustain it.

I mourn the loss of Gianfar. I will forever cherish the friendships we formed, the excitement we shared, the inside jokes and asides, the parties and the trader gatherings, the loyalties demonstrated upline and downline and across lines. I sadly wave farewell to a kingdom called Gianfar, a place of hope and beauty and peace and joy. It is the paradise lost to all of us.

Hugs and Kisses Always,
Troo Pfalz, once upon a time Royal Kisser of Gianfar

Prince Thrash said...

Long have I been loyal to Zeta, but never have we agreed about the true essence of the game. Yes, it is a game and games are for winning and yet, it is not an ordinary game in an ordinary world. I love the blend of people with different objectives and the fact that it will never end.

Besides, big kingdoms should crumble and fall every once in a while, the opposite isnt healthy.

What just happened is as close to a peasant revolution as we get in TE (believe me, Ultra does not want it, I tried).

So, cheer up, keep loving and fighting and dont be afraid of drama, it's all part of the game.

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