Thursday, December 4, 2008

Call for writers

The Emperor has sent out a notice to the empire which reads as follows:

Dear Terra Aureans,

Are you feeling creative? I am requesting proposals for new Gold Windfall notices.

If I accept your proposal to be part of the game, you will receive five acres of land and have your entry be a part of Tiny Empires.
The format is 7 lines of text, with no line being too much longer than 32 letters, including spaces. The notice must include the amount of gold received.

One well-known example:

A fortuitous event has occurred.
A messenger's cart overturned
on the road near your land.
Some gold fell out of the
back, unnoticed by the driver.
Nobody claimed it after 30 days,
so you kept the $$$$$$$$ gold.

Please submit your entries to me via notecard in the format above, and put "Gold Windfall proposal from " in the title of the notecard. You may submit as many as you like in the same notecard or different notecards.

Contest ends at 11:59pm SLT Wednesday December 10. Thank you and good luck!

Ultralite Soleil

Yes, of course I will be sending in submissions, and I encourage everyone to do so. When you are searching for ideas, I would point out one thing. The current group of gold windfall messages have many humorous ones. The idea is not just to construct a plausible scenario for gaining gold, but if you can, add a twist that makes it funny. Regular players who are acquainted with the stereotypes generated by the game may have a treasure trove of inside knowledge to use. For example, who buys anything valuable from a short, fat trader?? And the list could go on...

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