Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gold Bricking

The other day, we had someone ask about The Gold Brick. She had found a gold brick on an acre of her land and wanted to know what it was. Further questioning has produced more questions than answers. So far, here is what is apparently known about The Brick:

  • You buy an acre of land and find a gold brick on it

  • There are apparently no further messages about the brick

  • This can happen multiple times to the same person

  • No obvious ties to allies or embassies

  • No apparent connection to the Festival

  • Little, if any, rank restriction- ours was a Marquise, and Monarchs have found one, too.

  • This shows only for people with the Federation Hud

And that seems to be the sum total of what is known. If anyone has any further details, personal experiences, or even wild theories, share it with the rest of us! Please!

1 comment:

Alaria Kamala said...

You use the gold bricks to buy potions from the Alchemist