Thursday, October 18, 2007

Celestial Queendom Springs from Wessex!

Hurrah!! Queen Celesta Messmer founded the first Kingdom to come from within an existing Kingdom, with her coronation, and achieved another distinction by becoming the first monarch to be crowned under the new Federation HUD!

Queen Celesta's new Kingdom becomes just the fourth to be established in Tiny Empires, a big achievement. Those that know her are aware that her accomplishment was reached in a fashion that speaks to her honor, loyalty, and friendship.

This calls for a major party! (details to follow :)) In the meantime, blow the trumpets, beat the drums, All Hail Queen Celesta Messmer of the Celestial Queendom!

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Madame Maracas said...

W00ters and Gratz! Hail Queen Celesta!