Friday, October 12, 2007

The 3rd Kingdom - Lothlorien

Queen Bootski Broome founded Lothlorien as the newest kingdom in Tiny Empires, join us all in congratulating her and the citizens of the 3rd Kingdom. As all Tolkien fans know, Lothlorien is an Elven name:

Like those of Northern Mirkwood, the people of Lothlórien were mostly Silvan Elves of Nandorin descent, who were originally of all the Eldar those who most closely resembled the lost Avari of the east. As such, their earlier settlements lay scattered throughout the wide forests on both sides of the upper Anduin, having originally lingered there upon refusing the crossing of the Hithaeglir in very ancient times. The Elvish name for Lothlórien was Laurelindórenan but it was made shorter perhaps because the forest was fading and not growing. Meanwhile, the origin of the name 'Lórien' is derived from 'Lothlórien', which makes it a further derivation of 'Laurelindórenan'.

May the new Kingdom be as distinguished and fabled as that of it's namesake.

"… but this is more elvish than anything I ever heard tell of. I feel as if I was inside a song, if you take my meaning."
– The Lord of the Rings, Lothlórien


Sheitani Vendetta said...

This is the best group.

Fanny Woolley said...

Oh Hell The Queen...
Lothlorien the bestest Realm there is :)