Friday, September 21, 2007

The Kingdom of Wessex is Here

Last night Celty Westwick's coronation as King happened. The new and first Kingdom was christened Wessex, and this is now reflected in the titles of all the kingdom's citizens, such as "Princess Heartun Breaker of Wessex". It took a great amount of effort and loyalty by all the citizen's to reach this goal.

There are well over a thousand citizens, and each deserves a heartfelt thanks. The policy of the new kingdom shall be to help all citizens prosper, and grow toward their own desires. Wessex will strive to be the birthplace of new Kingdoms, as eminent nobles are able to increase their lineages with the advantages they will enjoy.

The first decree in Wessex was to announce a tax break for all citizens of the kingdom, and joy was heard throughout the realm as the first December tax bills arrived substantially reduced! Look for other additional good things to occur in Wessex in the future.

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Anonymous said...

WTG CELTY!!! I guess that makes me a part of your kingdom! WOOHOO <# Countess Desire Ganache of Wessex!