Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Celesta's TE Wide Party Rocked!

The party celebrating Celesta's making 1,000 acres of personal land, which had two times to help all who wished attend, was both fun and helped raise over 30,000 Lindens for the new TE server. The turnout was great, and many people got the chance to meet each other in pixel for the first time. There was dancing, DJ'd by the lovely and talented Tristan Micheline.

The Dunk Tank proved to be a big success, requiring the late party to go much later to give all who wanted a shot at dunking a noble, as well as winning some great prizes. Said dunking in the early time slot also included a turn on the tank by our illustrious Emperor, Ultralite Soleil. There was a Temple of Truth or Dare for the mature fun and venturesome folk. The scavenger hunt was located at the vast castle of Celesta and Goedeke Messmer. A total of 45 Linden and prize objects were hidden and in the end all were found.

The Princess Bootskie Broome arrived in the most original fashion thanks to SL's many little surprises, upside down and spinning in front of the Dunk Tank - where Prince SoCalDave BirdBrain was taking a brisk bath courtesy of a chortling ball thrower.

It was great to see folks come together to play and support Tiny Empires, so who's gonna have the next big bash?

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Kaj said...

OMG where did you find a dunk tank? I think I need to get one of those for this club I work at *hehe*