Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Greetings of the Day!

So I get on this morning, and people are laughing in the TE chat. It didn't take long to see why. Here was the hud that greeted me:

So who am I to argue with my hud? Well, the next month I was ready to! "Smeared Makeup Vulpine Eldrich"? Puh-leeezee And then the next month is "Always Forgotten Vulpine Eldrich". Riiigghhttt...

So, Greetings of the Day! April Fool's day to be exact. Enjoy your new titles! Check your Liege and your subjects as well. Here are some I've collected, everyone feel free to add more in- and who they applied to, if you dare! :)

All Thumbs
Thug Life4Ever
Such a Baby
Light of my Life
Totally Forgettable
Destitute Millionaire
Shy & Dullard
Royal Janitor
Unskilled Ropejumper
Power Overwhelming
Dances With Sheep
Here Kitty
Minor Character
Royal Idiot
Out Of It
Incompetent Spy
Smarty Pants

...and it goes on...

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