Monday, August 4, 2008

Interesting Titles

If you're like me, one of the major sources of entertainment in Tiny Empires is watching anouncements of Special Titles- however they might come up in various offers, etc. Sometimes it's a pun, either on a person's name or with the kingdom name. Sometimes it's just the sound- alliteration, or rhyme. Sometimes it makes you roll your eyes and laugh at the same time. Others strike that funny bone for no particular reason other than "it's funny!".

So, below, find a few of my picks for interesting custom titles that I've seen, sorted by why I found them interesting. Note that Apropos Kingdom usually means Apropos person AND Kingdom... the whole title fits into one interesting whole!

So if you have any good ones, add them to the list... it could be yours, a friend's, or just one that you saw on your HUD as a general announcement. Whatever the reason or source, share the fun with the rest of us!


Princess Prissy Sussie Pera of Laurelin
Knighted The Seeker Capt Blinker of the Karma Kingdom
Pineapple Prince Zedicious Zerbino of Camelot
Bohemian Brit Brat Destiny Marx of Bohemia


Her Royal Sweetness Hunee Dreamscape of Charm
In Egypt U Feel The Love Flow of Egypt
Phantasm SpookY Pitts of Twilight
Princess Opium Poppy Maladay of Bloodtide
Delerious Dreamer Delerium Dreamscape of Twilight
The Quiet Goddess Jaydie Sapeur of Olympus
Roses Royal Bad Leissa Schwade of Blood Roses & Tears
God of the Dance KennyC1956 Writer of Olympus
Bratty Pink Princess AquaMarin Alter of Tintagel
McDreamy McGoose Bury of Treasure Island


Southern Comfort LadyClaireBrianna McLaglen of Laurelin
Princess Fluffy Kitt Catgirl Hian of Tintagel
Majestic Mysterious Divine Veil of Laurelin


Prince With A Plan Sir Brennen of WyPlay
TheCookiestPrincess Cindyloo Sablatnig of Brittany
Princess Foxy Roxy Emsbury of Treasure Island
Gun's Little Boo Cerridwen Wise of Egypt
Royal Huggybear Max Key of Gianfar


Here Comes Trouble LoveTrinity Johnson of WyPlay
Royal Thwapper Lynn Binder of Gianfar
Soft Porn Princess Jain Arkin of Egypt


Valentine Janus said...

Cute idea, now I need to start watching my HUD and writing down that occasional chuckle.

My own title, Green Jello Princess, is a cultural in-joke unrelated to my TE kingdom (Camelot) but definitely tied to both my RL and SL.

My favorite sounds-naughty-but-really-isn't title has to be Royal Snook Cocker Zenna Slade of Bohemia.


Vulpine Eldrich said...

lol that one WOULD be an interesting one to explain! Just this evening, I saw a cute one... "Egypt's Group Hugger"

Charoa told me that the recipient actually made some sort of group hug mechanism, and that they were posting pictures on their website of the group using it

Neeks Karu said...

I've been thru a few titles but my fave was still "Crazy Duck Lady Neeks KAru of Home".. I used to hide prim ducks all over.