Thursday, July 17, 2008

You might be a TE Addict if...

It needs to be done, and where better to do it than on a site devoted to people who are enthusiastically pursuing the dream and life of Tiny Empires? As we have no doubt all found out, there's this big outside world that just doesn't fully understand us anymore... which leads to all sorts of interesting moments.

Now it's time to record what life is like for us, the Tiny Empires addicts... and what it's like dealing with a world that hasn't heard or doesn't care about the game which is absorbing so much of our attentions!

I plan to update this list as I think of more and as new suggestions come in, so feel free to add them in the comments below!

Now, without further ado...

You might be a TE Addict if...

  1. The tall, dark handsome man of your dreams is known only as 'The Trader'.

  2. You receive phone calls at two a.m., telling you you need to get online to catch the Trader... and you do it!

  3. You have enough mean, biting ants to make a queen fire ant jealous.

  4. You find yourself inspecting the soup at the restaurant for anything resembling a rat tail.

  5. You walk past a playground and find yourself wondering which one is the brat that keeps throwing pebbles at you.

  6. You look at your car's odometer and you realize that you just drove past your TE gold balance.

  7. You tell someone something happens once a year, and are surprised when they don't understand you mean once every half hour.

  8. You find yourself tripping over the phrase 'Tiny Empires' because you always just say TE.

  9. You see a small girl wandering by herself in a supermarket and you wonder where is the cute, fluffy chicken?

  10. You walk by a church as its clock strikes the hour and find yourself reaching to open your HUD.

  11. You ask what month it is and are surprised when they don't specify a year before 1300.

  12. You never get a chore done without interruption if it takes longer than three minutes.

  13. You can tell from the other side of the room that one blurry green line means don't worry.

  14. You don't know how someone can get amnesty when they don't even have a King or Queen.

  15. You don't think in terms of square acres, but acres squared.

  16. You try to comfort a friend who is down by giving them an acre.

  17. You don't understand why the previous line might sound odd.

  18. Someone from the IRS calls you and you ask them if they're from the Emperor.

  19. You know exactly what is happening when someone yells the one word, "TRADER!"

  20. You're introduced to someone and your first question is, "what Kingdom are you in?"

  21. You understand the real reason why God made snakes with heads but no legs or wings.

  22. You spend more time looking at your TE standings page than your friends list.

  23. You spend half the evening debating about why a helmet is worth only five gold and a spear worth thousands.

  24. Your ninth and newest alt just made Count.

  25. When someone offers you a teleport to a new place, your first question is "are scripts on there?"

  26. You picket the Tiny Empires upgrade station when too many days go by without the Trader.

  27. You find yourself searching your recipe book for your famous blood pie.

  28. You swear off eating eggs after your last tavern mess.

Added on July 30th, 2008:

  1. At work you refer to people under you as subjects. --Francesca Alva

  2. You'd be a lot happier about your female animals giving birth if it didn't mean doing algebra.

  3. You tell your retirement advisor that you have assets of forty million gold (...and 346 fluffy chickens --Denise Tir)

  4. You've learned how to take naps lasting 2 minutes and 59 seconds. --Tashi Jewell

  5. When you hear bad news, it's always a pity beyond all telling.

  6. You find that no script areas are so hazardous that you have to give up shopping. --Cordova Decosta

  7. Your groups list reads like a who's who of TE Kingdoms

  8. You can't go to bed until after the Census

  9. Your TE HUD resides in your "Always Wear" inventory folder --BackHome Soon

  10. Your gestures are all saying Tiny Empire related urls

  1. the cornbread muffins for supper will be ready in 20 minutes, or May 1173


Francesca Alva said...

At work you refer to people under you as subjects.

Nice work, Vulpine - and number 2 especially resonates with me! LOL

Imelda Whitfield said...

People under you AREN'T referred to subjects??? *looks puzzled* oh dear no wonder I can't keep people employed.......NOW you tell me! *sigh*

Yes, most excellent list I totally agree

~A Fellow TE Adict Too
(would that be an Ally? *grin*)

Alaria Kamala said...
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Alaria Kamala said...

/me giggles! Those were so funny!
I had a good laugh over them! XD
Huggies, (Queen) Vulpine!
(Alaria your Horse Whisper :D )

Anonymous said...

You are lost when TE servers fail. TheAbsinthe Fairey