Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kingdom of Mayhapsibly Christmas Ball

The Kingdom of Mayhapsibly held their Royal Christmas Ball tonight (the night of Winter solstice) at the family castle - Castle Coral on Coral Beach. The family function was prepared and hosted by Duke Shwartzie Gumbo, hand decorated by Illyana Laville, and help from Dyrfinna Rennahan, Symone DeCuir and Karma Fride.

Everyone that could attend - did, leaving the region full for the majority of the festivities. Everyone was dressed in their finest gowns & suits, a beautiful sight as they all twirled & danced on the main ballroom floor. Queen JellyBean bestowed favour on Duke Shwartzie Gumbo to honor him for the selfless acts of kindness he has shown the family. He now wears the title of "Keeper of the Castle".

It was a lovely event that will be talked about for ages. The kingdom has plans to hold more Balls & formal affairs in the future.

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