Saturday, August 4, 2007

Poll Questions and Answers

Q: A squire goes to London the day before the day before yesterday and returns the eve of the day before tomorrow. Was he away for over 2 days and 2 nights?
A: Yes

Q: Is the distance measured by 5,808 yards greater than that measured by 2,640 fathoms?
A: No

Q: It has a bunch of numbers in some kind of crazy sequence I cant remember.
A: I thought it was 56, but then noticed that there are a lot of number questions and they can't all have the same answer. If anyone knows how to answer all the number qustion please put someting in the comments here.


Shawna said...

Number quizes, see example:

57 14 29 2

2 45 30 ?

Each upper and lower pair have the same total, Example 57+2=59. Subtract the number above the question mark from your total. IE: 59-2=57. Use the up down arrows next to the YES box to select your answer, then mark yes to lock out changes. Sorry, they didn't line up well in Preview, Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

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